An Amazon business that I run from the comfort of my living room sofa has enabled me to QUIT MY FULL-TIME JOB and experience the FREEDOM of running my own profitable business on my own schedule. You're about to discover how you can do the same…

Here’s The Proven 7-Step Formula That I Personally Used To Build A Lucrative Amazon Business… Follow Them And I Personally Guarantee You Can Replicate My Own Success

  • I’ve been selling hundreds of products on Amazon that have collectively earned thousands of dollars — some of them are in the hyper-competitive niche, and against giant companies that have an unlimited budget — using the exact same formula you’re about to learn.
  • Now, you can learn this proven formula in a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow online course that shows you the exact step-by-step… from finding the hot-selling products to running advertising campaigns that will supercharge your sales.
  • Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who’s been selling on Amazon for a while but has gotten stuck, what you’ll learn from this course can make your cash flow explode. I promise.

Yes ! This is exactly what I have been looking for!

I am ready to get started!

Building A Profitable Business Is Like Writing A Hit Song — There’s A Success Formula That Most People Never Consider

You probably never realized it, but many pop songs have a ton in common. And I’m not talking about the current hit songs only, but also the songs that were written in the ’60s and ’70s.

Yep, most of them have similar chord progressions, catchy lyrics, a simple melody, and a 4/4 time signature. For non-musicians (or amateur artists) it seems like a random process.

But as you can see, there’s a formula to success that most people never consider. And obviously, with the exception of genius musicians like Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury, professional songwriters are following the exact same formula to create dozens of hit songs.

Oh, the places you can go!

Building A Profitable Amazon Business Is The Same Thing…

I know this from my own experience.

See, I’ve been selling hundreds of products on Amazon. And to sell all these products successfully, I did the exact same things.

There’s a PROVEN formula that I follow to find the right products, source the products from the right suppliers that offer the lowest price, and doing marketing stuff to sell the products successfully.

There’s no guarantee that the product you’re selling will be a huge success, that’s for sure.

(If there’s someone who promises they can teach you that… run! They’re wasting your time.)

But there’s a process that you can follow to significantly increase your chances of success.

It took me years and tens of thousands of dollars to discover this success formula.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

I’m inviting you to join my brand-new Amazon selling course so you can fast-track your success and makes your entrepreneurship journey fun and easy.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while… this course will take you to the next level of success.

“I’ve Joined Another Course Before, But I Still Failed… Why Will This Time Be Different?”

Because I Have Been There Myself!

I know how it feels...

I know what it's like to wake up every morning stuck in a full-time job:

  • Building someone else's dream

  • Helping someone else get rich while you barely make enough to get by

  • Having someone else dictate your life: your schedule, your time with your family, your standard of living

  • Expending the best of yourself on your job and coming home to your family, the people in your life who mean the most, with nothing left to give them

  • Wanting to get out and create a better life, but lack of time and resources keeps you on the hamster wheel

  • Realizing you cannot spend the rest of your life in this dead-end job, but not knowing the way out

I know what it is like to have children and not have enough money to give them everything you want to give them. I have been there too.

I know what it is like to be caught up in the neverending debt cycle, feeling like you are treading water and on the verge of drowning, with no way out.

I know what it is like to want more in life, to want to enjoy life (because let's face it - life is short), and feel like time is slipping away from you.

A year and a half ago, I was just like you. I paid thousands of dollars to learn how to sell on Amazon, after failing to learn through the trial-and-error method. I felt panicked every day knowing I had spent so much, but motivated by the fact at the same time.

My Amazon business took off, but many of my classmates did not have the same experience.

They reached out to me for help. Because I knew how they helped, I offered them the hands-on assistance they thought they were going to get from the program.

And you know what? I got to watch their businesses take off too! Now I am on a mission...

I am on a mission to break down barriers and turn the impossible into possibilities - and more than just possibilities - realities.

I want to enable everyone with that entrepreneurial desire to have their dreams without having to spend so much money on training, they have nothing left to invest in products.

The Empowered Entrepreneur Course

A complete Amazon selling course that gives you all the tools you need to build a profitable, seven-figure Amazon Business in 2021

A complete Amazon selling course that gives you all the tools you need to build a profitable, seven-figure Amazon Business in 2021
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Your Empowering Tool — Everything You’ll Get From This Comprehensive Course

The course is created based on my 7-step formula to Amazon success, which I’ll teach to you one step at a time:

  • The Stellar Start

    The Stellar Start will help you get your Amazon seller account set up and approved.

    This is an important step because if you do it wrong, you could face complications later. Here I will help you ensure your important account settings are correct, so your Amazon journey is as smooth as possible.

    In addition, I’ll also help you get familiar with Amazon terminology, so you understand what is happening and what you are doing every step of the way.

    In addition, I’ll also help you get familiar with Amazon terminology, so you understand what is happening and what you are doing every step of the way.

  • The Mindset Miracle

    Last but not least, I’ll help you think and act like successful business owners. You will find this section of the course immediately following The Stellar Start, so you can work on this while you are waiting for account approval.

    Why is this so important?

    Successful business owners have the ability to weather every storm that comes their way without losing heart, especially in the beginning. This ability plays a crucial role that determines your success as an empowered Amazon entrepreneur.

    All the knowledge in the world is not enough to help your business succeed if you are not in the right frame of mind.

    • How will you respond when you experience shipping delays?
    • How will you feel when your supplier changes the terms on you after weeks of negotiation, and now your deal is not profitable?
    • How will you handle it when you order a sample and the quality is bad, so you have to start over finding a supplier?
    • Will you be able to weather the storms that come with business?
    • What if your first product, or your first two or three products, fail to sell well?
    • Will you get discouraged and give up? Or will you have the strength and the resolve to continue on until you succeed?

    All these questions can lead to failure if you don’t address them correctly.

    The Mindset Miracle is the ultimate empowerment tool to help you stay strong and keep your resolve through the trials of business ownership.

    The Mindset Miracle also helps you get started in the right frame of mind and will help you evaluate whether you have what it takes to be a successful business owner.

  • The Finder Formula

    The key to achieving success on Amazon is by selling products that have high demand but very low competition. It might look simple on paper, but it took years to develop the skill.

    In this second module, I’ll show you my product research methods, so you can become a product research pro who can find profitable product ideas within one hour or less!

    You will learn multiple methods of product research, so you can choose your favorite.

    Again, product research is the cornerstone of your Amazon business.

    No matter how well you write your listings or promote your products, if you do NOT offer the right products, your business will fail miserably.

    The Finder Formula includes videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, and everything you need to be so proficient at product research, others will pay you handsomely to find products for them, if you so choose!

  • The Savvy Sourcer

    Finding the right products is only the first step.

    The Savvy Sourcer shows you exactly how to find and obtain those products from overseas and get them into Amazon. The goal is to help ensure you are buying the products at the best price, so you can earn huge profits from all of your products.

    This is much more than just a how-to.

    The Savvy Sourcer includes videos, templates, and an amazing profit calculator that helps you ensure you are getting a profitable deal!

    You will learn everything you need to know to make your suppliers practically BEG to do business with you. This will set you up for a successful negotiation process.

    Sounds good, right?

    But hang on, it doesn’t stop there!

    I’ll also give you templates to help you go through the negotiation process, so you know exactly what to say. Put simply, with these templates, you will never have to wonder what to say or how to respond to get the best deal.

    Now, here’s the best part: Aside from all the valuable tools mentioned above, you will also receive the names and contact information of the best and most helpful shipping agents out there!

  • The Product Premier

    The next step after procuring your product is to write an optimized listing.

    At this step, you will learn how to use a combination of copywriting and strategic use of keywords, so you can sell your products quickly and easily.

    In The Product Premier Protocol, I’ll show you how to perform keyword research, how to write a keyword-rich listing without keyword stuffing, and how to add that listing to Amazon.

    Relax… you don’t have to be good at writing or hire a copywriter.

    Because you’ll get access to The Product Premier Prototype, a winning template you can use to write every bullet point and your description like a professional copywriter!

  • The Profitable Promoter

    Excellent product research and the perfectly optimized listing are important, but they are not enough by themselves to get sell your product like hotcakes.

    You will also need to promote your listing, primarily by using Amazon's own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program.

    Most Amazon sellers lose thousands of dollars in PPC costs because they do not know how to use PPC advertising correctly.

    But you don’t need to worry because after going through The Profitable Promoter, you will know exactly how to create advertising campaigns that can make your sales go through the roof!

    In this module, you’ll learn how to create a profitable PPC advertising campaign, optimize it, and even automate it, so you come out ahead of your competition.

    And that’s not all!

    I’ll also show you additional ways to promote your products like getting product reviews, coupons, and conventional promotion methods.

  • The Expert Executive

    At this step, you should have your Amazon business up and running… And hopefully, your new business has already generated revenue.

    Congratulations on your new job as the CEO of your business!

    This is more than a title. It is a responsibility, most of it fiscal. You will have to keep track of your profits and your money… and if you do it wrong, your business will get stuck or even fail within its first year.

    That is why you need to learn from The Expert Executive module.

    The Expert Executive shows you which reports to run in Amazon and why they are important, as well as other optional reports.

    This part of the course is VERY important because it is all about the financial health of your business.

    This information will help you determine which products to continue selling and which products to discontinue. It will help you know how often to order more inventory.

The possibilities can become your reality TODAY!

Click the button below to make this happen for you!

You’re Really Getting Everything You Need To Build A Successful Amazon Business!

PLUS, to help you fast track your success, you’ll also gain access to:

Private Facebook Group
As soon as you join the course, you’ll get LIFETIME access to a private Facebook group where I and the other students exchange ideas, troubleshoot individual problems together, and share tips that you can’t learn anywhere else.

In other words, you’ll have 24/7 access to, and support from, a helpful community of like-minded people on the same journey as you.

So, whenever you get stuck, you’re only one call away from working with a coach who can help you bring your business to the next level.

By Now, I’ll Bet You’re “Worrying”
About The Price…

There’s a LOT of value in this course. In fact, just the 5th module is worth an EASY $500.

My associates all tell me I should sell this course for no less than $4,000… and they say that people would flock to it at that LOW price. 

Quite frankly I agree!

But I’m not going to sell it for anywhere near that much.

I’ve decided to offer the course for just $997.

Why $997? Three reasons:

  • 1. It’s an absolute bargain when you compare it to the cost of other courses that offer less value than what you’re getting here. Remember, it shows you all my hard-won secrets to success, so it’s like a license to duplicate my successful business.
  • 2. It’s affordable for almost anyone to invest in, especially for the people who are currently struggling to start a business and need this course the most. (Again, other courses that offer less value charge you more than this)
  • 3. And it’s still priced enough to make sure that I only have extremely serious students investing in my course and joining our private Facebook group.

However, I might change my mind about the price. If I do the price shoots up considerably. So, don’t wait if you feel like this is right for you.

Yes, I’m Ready!

This Offer Won’t Be Available Forever

You may think this is a marketing strategy to encourage you to invest in the course now. Well, it is NOT.

For obvious reasons, I don’t want to and can’t afford to flood the market with competition.

So, I’ve decided to LIMIT the number of people who can purchase the course to only 500 people.

…And I strictly FORBID anyone who’s lucky enough to be able to purchase the course from sharing the information with other people… especially the information in the second and the fifth module.

After we’ve reached that limit, I’ll simply close the door until I feel it’s okay to offer it again. 

The very soonest that would happen would be next year.

It’s very possible that if you miss out now, you might be missing out for good.

Let Me Get Started Now


  • How long will I have access?

    You will have lifetime access to The Empowered Entrepreneur. The program will be updated over time as best practices, Amazon policies, or market conditions change. This means you can rest assured that the course is always up-to-date.

  • How is this different from what the other gurus are teaching? Won't I just learn how to find the same products everyone else is finding?

    You can learn everything the gurus are teaching and more for a MUCH LOWER PRICE with the Empowered Entrepreneur PLUS you get:

    • The Mindset Miracle--a HUGE reason why many aspiring Amazon entrepreneurs do not make it is simply because they did not have the mindset component, became discouraged, and gave up--usually too soon.

    • The Expert Executive--The key to running any successful business is knowing your numbers, keeping track of your profits and inventory, and knowing what is profitable and what isn't. This tool is included in The Empowered Entrepreneur, and you will not find it anywhere else!
  • How long will it take me to go through this course?

    The great thing about The Empowered Entrepreneur is that you can go through the program as quickly as you want to. Just be sure to take enough time to absorb all the information you can.

    You have the option of watching videos or just reading the slides. The program is designed for you to get started while you learn. Many of the demos are set up for you to use as you work your Amazon business. This means you can get started with your business AT THE SAME TIME YOU START THE COURSE!

  • Can I just buy the cheat sheets and templates from you?

    I understand your time is valuable, and I feel the same way. I would rather skim through a cheat sheet and start using templates than watch videos or read slides.

    The problem is there is so much important information to learn that cannot be conveyed on cheat sheets or templates. My purpose for creating The Empowered Entrepreneur was to provide all the information you will ever need to become a successful entrepreneur for life. I would be selling you short if I did not give you the complete information.

    You do have the option of buying certain sections of the course separately, but even these individual sections include the complete information you need to successfully use the templates and understand the cheat sheets (in those sections where they exist).

  • Who is this product for?

    This product is specially designed for new and aspiring Amazon sellers who want to sell private label products and get started the RIGHT way and also wish to have a complete understanding of how to run a successful Amazon business.

    This course is also for Amazon sellers who want to transition to private label. Private label is quite a different method from retail arbitrage or wholesale. While it is the most profitable selling method on Amazon, it also has the largest learning curve and is more of a marathon than a sprint.

    This course is also for aspiring coaches and consultants who are looking for ways to find the best and freshest product ideas for their clients.

Are you ready to get started?

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You DO want to make your dreams come true, right? Why else would you be reading this page? You have what it takes--you just need to make that decision to GO FOR IT!

Just Imagine...

How soon will your life change?

Imagine where you could be just one week from now--you could already by sourcing your first product!

Imagine where you could be just a few short months from now--you could be receiving your payments from your Amazon sales--cha-ching!

Imagine where you could be one year from now--you could be living the laptop lifestyle--no 9-5 job, no boss, no commute.

It all starts when you click the button! Go ahead--I dare you!

Join My Many Satisfied Students!

You don't have to do your Amazon business alone!

Candace Has Been A Lifesaver

Connie R.

Where do I begin? It’s not often that you meet someone like Candace. Even before I got a chance to meet her (personally), I observed her interactions w/in the group on our weekly calls. She was consistent in sharing advice, her experiences, and lessons learned.

She had an air of confidence and the willingness to share her experiences and lessons learned. As a result, I immediately felt confident in reaching out to her for advice.

Two years ago after retiring from a 32+ year career as a successful environmental engineer, I suffered a heart attack, which lead to open heart surgery (and a quadruple bypass). Consequently, I found it very challenging keeping up. But still possessing the driving nature that I have always had since birth, I felt confident in reaching out to Candace for support.

As a result, I was able to solicit her support in assisting me in my product research and other questions that I had regarding private label. Candace has been a life-saver. I have always been driven, but due to my medical condition, I could no longer work at the same level that I had during high school, college, and my professional career.

Candace’s genuine personality and easy going spirit gave me the confidence and support that I needed to feel like I could be successful at Amazon private label.

If you are looking for someone to help jumpstart your business, I would highly recommend Candace. She is very sharp, intuitive, and a GREAT COACH. Having her as a mentor or coach would be a great asset to your team and business success.

A Mentor I Can Count On

Eva B.

Candace has really helped me navigate product research. She walked me through how to do it step by step which made it easier for me to do it. She is very patient with me. She is a very positive person that relieved a lot of my anxiety walking through the course. I feel blessed I have a mentor that I can count on.

Candace Is My Go To

Lori M.

Working with Candace has helped me tremendously!! Her teachings and her patience far exceeds most!! She breaks everything down in manageable steps. The overwhelm I was feeling flew out the door after working with Candace.

The way she teaches product research is unlike anyone else!! It makes so much sense!! She cuts out all the steps that most teach. Her way of teaching saves so much time and gets you your end result SO MUCH QUICKER!! Candace is my go to!!

I Finally Feel Like I Can Do This

Nicky W.

I joined an expensive coaching program in March 2020. I was very excited and dived in with both feet going through the modules, taking advantage of the tools they provided, then suddenly I became ill with the Coronavirus and before I knew it, it was time to graduate from the course.

I thought my investment was a loss. I was told to join the Alumni group on Facebook. I finally got up the nerves to ask a question. The first person to answer my question was Candace Marra.

She has a wealth of knowledge. She was able to break my issue with product research down in laymen’s terms. Every call that I attend is so helpful to me and for the first time I felt like I did when I first joined- like I can do this!

I would recommend and encourage anyone that has an opportunity to learn from her to please take advantage. She is truly awesome!

She Genuinely Wants You To Be Successful

Helen A.

Candace did an amazing job for me sourcing and vetting products. I also hired Candace to do my AMZ listing. She was extremely thorough and was right on target with my needs in a timely manner. When I had questions, she answered without hesitation and gave great clarification. I felt that my goals became her goals and that was very refreshing because she genuinely wants you to be successful. I will definitely be attaining her services in the future.

Step By Step Towards Success And Financial Freedom

Lisa C.

“Candace is an exceptional Coach and Consultant. Candace truly has amazing experience, detail and creativity in the development of e-commerce, selling skills, and mindset support. She has helped me step by step towards success and financial freedom so that I am able to enjoy more time with my family. Without Candace, I would not be able to evolve professionally during these fluid times and highly recommend signing up for Candace’s programs now!”

Candace wants to see everyone win

Chereae H.

Candace is wonderful! Her System is going to put you on the path to get started without all the bumps and hassles that most Amazon sellers experience.

Candace has helped me get past several hurdles and I am sure she will do the same thing for you. Her expertise in finding the “perfect product” is where everyone gets stuck!

You can sign up, you can write a listing but can you find a product that will allow you to make the money that you are looking to make.

Candace has the answers and she is patient and wants to see everyone win. She prides herself on helping others. Candace has been a blessing to my business and several others businesses.

So thankful for Candace's help finding me an amazing product!

Judy S.

I am so thankful to have Candace Marra help finding me an amazing product! She not only nailed the product research but she has been a tremendous help by giving advice & tips to help launch my Amazon business. I highly recommend her!!!

Is there any reason why you should not get started right now?

Your new life is waiting for you! Don't miss the boat!